Curriculum vitae

Christine Hohmann was born in Munich and grew up in Hamburg.
After her studies at Hamburg university and her graduation (state exam) she moved to Ludwigshafen/Rhein in south-western Germany and has been working as a self-employed artist since 1989.

Artist biography

European Arts Academy Trier
International summer school, Free Arts Academy, Berlin
Ute Wöllmann, Berlin academy of painting
Prof. Günther Meck, Mannheim design school
Participation in Pfalzpreis, Pfalzgalerie, Kaiserslautern
Participation in Haueisenpreis, Germersheim
Participation in Welde-Bräu-Kunstpreis, Plankstadt/Schwetzingen

Art untypical trainings and activities

state-run certificated analytical chemist, microbiologist and toxicologist
certificated psychological consulter and personal coach
legal guardian for tutelage
college lecturer in adults education
college lecturer in German as foreign and second language
activity in family assistance and immigrants integration